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We’ve used Autofinder since they first launched in 1997.  It saves a lot of mucking around when our window cards come through ready to go, whereas other services don’t offer the fuel saver label”.  

Mike Moore,  Mike Moore Autos LMVD


Autofinder is such a convenient service for me – When I want a report on a vehicle I just ring up and it’s done!  I’d definitely recommend the service to others, the team are so friendly to speak with.  In fact, I’d never use anyone else. Forget the rest, I’ve got the best!

Noel Sanders, Sanders Auto Service


Autofinder provide a friendly service with that personal touch.  I’ve always  used them for my reports and I would definitely recommend them to others.”

Mark Puttick, Wheels 4 U Ltd


"Service from Autofinder is Prompt, Easy to use and Efficient.  We have a smooth line of communication from the lovely and professional team and helps us as a business. The updated and self - managing aspect on the website is really resourceful.  Thank You very much for your service, very easy."

Leonora Hampson, ACU Credit Union Aotearoa